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For an appointment for a digital mammogram, ultrasound or a breast MRI, please call: 1-800-476-0577 or contact us now.

Breast Biopsy

If an area of concern is found during your imaging exam, a biopsy may be recommended. At BBDC, biopsy procedures are minimally invasive and involve the removal of a small tissue sample that is sent to a pathologist for evaluation. The type of biopsy procedure that is performed will be determined based on which modality (digital mammogram, ultrasound or breast MRI) was able to best visualize the lesion.


  1. What is core biopsy?
  2. What is stereotactic (mammographically guided) breast biopsy?
  3. How should I prepare for my stereotactic breast biopsy?
  4. What does the stereotactic breast biopsy equipment look like?
  5. How is the stereotactic procedure performed?
  6. What will I experience during and after the procedure?
  7. When will I receive my results?

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